Education & Workforce Program Outcomes (CFS)

The purpose of the Common Follow-up System (CFS) is to provide information on the educational and employment outcomes of participants in publicly supported educational, employment and training programs for use in planning, policymaking, program evaluation, resource allocation and career planning.

The following CFS reports and information delivery tools highlight system operations, evaluative efforts, and related activities.

Operational Reports

Evaluation Reports

Other Reports

  • Unemployment and the Great Recession in North Carolina: This report examines unemployed workers and unemployment insurance (UI) recipients in North Carolina during the Great Recession of 2007-2009 and its aftermath.  We use data from the federal government’s Current Population Survey and North Carolina’s Common Follow-up System to learn more about these individuals, including their characteristics and their employment outcomes. Our objective is to help workforce planners and policymakers understand the impact of the last recession so that they can develop strategies for alleviating unemployment during the next recession.

Information Delivery Tools

North Carolina Tower (North Carolina's Tool for Online Workforce and Education Reporting)