Offshore Wind Industry

Offshore wind (OSW) energy development is a key priority for North Carolina. With the second-highest offshore wind net technical energy potential in the United States, North Carolina is well-positioned to participate in this rapidly growing global industry. Applying the best practices and lessons learned from the European Union, this industry is expected to create a $100 billion supply chain and tens of thousands new jobs in the United States by 2030.

For more information about the economic opportunity in our state, see Go with the Wind: North Carolina's Offshore Wind Energy Industry.

OSW Webinar

  • EVENT ANNOUNCEMENT: To register for a free webinar on October 30, see Building Offshore Wind in North Carolina: Lessons Learned from the UK.

    Hosted by the UK Government, in partnership with the Carbon Trust and the North Carolina Department of Commerce, the webinar will detail how the UK has built a world-leading offshore wind sector and how this experience can be applicable to North Carolina. The session will cover how policy and the private sector can build a domestic supply chain, develop workforce skills through educational partnerships, and redevelop existing infrastructure, including ports.

OSW Supply Chain & Infrastructure Assessments

The North Carolina Department of Commerce recently identified and hired an experienced, international consulting company to help the agency assess North Carolina’s potential as an offshore wind industry hub. BVG Associates will help the Department research and develop an inventory of businesses, organizations, and physical infrastructure best positioned to promote offshore wind development in North Carolina.

For more information about the assessments, see N.C. Commerce Taps International Wind Energy Experts to Support Comprehensive Industry Study.

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In mid-October 2020, BVG Asociates will begin collecting information from interested parties that may want to serve, support, or participate in the offshore wind energy supply chain. If you would like to provide information of this type, please complete this form to submit your information to the N.C. Department of Commerce.  We will add you to our mailing list and we'll contact you in the near future to provide additional information.

For more information, contact John Hardin, Executive Director of the Office of Science, Technology & Innovation.