Raleigh, N.C.

One year after Governor Roy Cooper announced the launch of NCcareers.org, a comprehensive career information system, NCcareers.org has experienced 1.3 million page views with more than 178,300 unique users exploring occupations in North Carolina.

“The new NCcareers.org provides the right information to make the good choices for career paths," said Governor Cooper. "As our economy improves and the job market continues to change, this career exploration system will be a great asset for our current and future workforce."

In addition to exploring occupations and local job openings, NCcareers.org allows user to complete interest assessments, identify training and education options, and develop career paths.

Since July 2020, NCcareers.org has added the following new and exciting features to help North Carolina’s current and future labor force plan their careers and find new jobs: 

  • The Entrepreneurship Readiness Survey – helps assess, inform, and prepare prospective entrepreneurs about starting their own businesses;
  • What Can I Do with My Education – matches graduates’ educational degrees or certificates to potential occupations;
  • Skills Matcher – identifies occupations that utilize users’ existing skill sets;
  • Real-Time Job Information – lists the current, most in-demand occupations across North Carolina;
  • Non-Degree Training Finder – presents a list of short-term trainings and training providers as approved by the state’s local workforce development boards;
  • Work Values Assessment – helps job seekers and career planners prioritize factors that are most important in a job;
  • Additional labor market information and data on nearly 800 occupations.

With the recent addition of a user log-in and an account portal developed in partnership with the College Foundation of North Carolina, NCcareers.org has made it easier for users to start exploring career paths. Using existing or newly created CFNC.org credentials, users can save assessment results, preferred occupations and career journeys, education programs, and career resources, including CFNC’s wealth of resources detailing college preparation and financing.

NCcareers.org was developed through a collaboration of statewide public and private partners, including: North Carolina Department of Commerce’s Labor & Economic Analysis Division and Workforce Solutions Division, the North Carolina Community College System, the University of North Carolina System, the North Carolina Department of Health & Human Services and its Vocational Rehabilitation unit, the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction, the North Carolina State Education Assistance Authority, the North Carolina Association of Independent Colleges and Universities, the North Carolina Business Committee for Education, and J.P. Morgan. Over the past year, this partnership has expanded to include the NCWorks Commission, MyFutureNC, and the North Carolina Association of Workforce Development Boards.

For more information on the first year of NCcareers.org, visit One year later | NC Careers.org.

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