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About Our Department

The N.C. Department of Commerce is the state's leading economic-development agency, working with local, regional, national and international companies. The department’s mission is to improve the economic well-being and quality of life for all North Carolinians. The mission is carried out by serving existing business and industry, including providing international trade assistance; recruiting new jobs and domestic and foreign investment; encouraging entrepreneurship and innovation; marketing North Carolina and its brand; supporting workforce development; strengthening communities; and promoting tourism, film and sports development. The Department also provides data, statistics, information and reports for state government and agencies, which regulate commerce in the state.

Our strategic plan focuses on:

  1. Keeping North Carolina competitive by actively recruiting and encouraging the expansion of high-value, technologically advanced industries and companies. We target companies considered “high-tech” in industries such as telecommunications and biotechnology, and companies that apply new and innovative technology to remain competitive in traditional industries, such as textiles and furniture.  Service-oriented industries such as healthcare, education, and financial services are also core components of the state’s economy.

  2. Increasing economic opportunities for our state in a global economy by ensuring that North Carolina is recognized throughout the world as an attractive location for growing businesses, for the high quality of its workforce, and for its appeal as a tourism, film and sports development destination.

  3. Improving economic opportunities for all of our citizens through programs targeted to people and places not currently enjoying economic prosperity.


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