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Pre-apprenticeship is a shorter training program that allows participants to explore an industry before they decide to join it.

How It Works

Unlike apprenticeship, pre-apprenticeship gives participants the choice of either learning in the classroom, gaining on-the-job experience, or pursuing both at the same time. Participants also earn credit that can carry over to apprenticeship training in the same field (similar to how students can earn AP credit for college courses while still in high school).

If participants choose to pursue apprenticeship training in that field, then they can start the program earning a higher wage than they otherwise would have made.

Student Pre-apprenticeship

Students can receive pre-apprenticeship training while they are still in school. Schools work with apprenticeship sponsors that provide exposure to the work environment.

Programs for out-of-school youth are often sponsored by community or faith-based organizations that work with apprenticeship sponsors or other employers to address behavioral, economic, and other barriers to employment of youth who do not have a clear career path. These programs provide a work experience for participants through the registered apprenticeship sponsor partner or other employers.

The FAQ page has answers to general questions about the apprenticeship program.

How to Apply

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