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Apprenticeship Advisory Council

The Apprenticeship Advisory Council advises the Secretary of Commerce and the bureau regarding board policy for the apprenticeship system in North Carolina.

Council members are appointed, serve their terms, vote, and are reimbursed as provided by G.S. 94-2. The bureau chief serves as secretary to the council.

The council meets at the request of the commerce secretary, who will give 60 days’ notice to council members of the time and place of meeting, unless circumstances require shorter notice.

Any council member may present an item for consideration by submitting it to the commerce secretary in the form of a brief outline, together with any technical or statistical documents related to the subject matter, unless waived by the commerce secretary. The commerce secretary or the bureau chief will issue an agenda to council members at least five days’ prior to a scheduled meeting.

The bureau chief will prepare minutes of the previous meeting and will provide a copy to each council member.

Minutes from Council Meeting, Feb 2, 2013

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