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Moderator Information

If you are a workshop moderator for the 2017 NCWorks Partnership Conference, you will find some helpful information here. Your role as a moderator is very important to the success of the conference. The following information is intended to help you prepare and ensure your success.

  • Moderator Instructional Video - Please watch this quick video to learn more about your role and the responsibilities of a conference moderator. This information is also in PDF format here.
  • Conference App Instructional Video - There are so many reasons to download this year's Conference App. Check out this brief video to learn more about the features of the app and how to download it. We recommend downloading and familiarizing yourself with the app prior to the conference. This information is also available in PDF format here.
  • Convention Center Map – We encourage you to acquaint yourself with the convention center and the location of your workshop.

**The information listed above will be provided to you at the designated Moderator/ Presenter registration table located in the Exhibit Hall – 3rd Floor.

Thank you for volunteering as a moderator.  Your contribution to the success of the Conference is invaluable. Please let us know immediately if your plans change and you are not able to moderate as assigned. All questions regarding moderators should be directed to Nona Stell at 919-814-0331 or

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