Partner Listing Database

North Carolina's visitor website,, features travel information about attractions, accommodations and events across the state, all provided and updated by tourism industry partners. 

Qualified tourism partners receive a free tourism-related business listing on through the VisitNC Partner Database (formerly known as the Extranet). This database fuels much of the content on To add your complimentary business listing, browse the following list of Database Contacts and locate the representative in your area. 

In addition to the free listings, the Division offers a number of paid programs that can create more exposure and generate highly qualified leads for tourism-related businesses.  Opportunities include banner advertising, virtual rack brochures, expanded event listings, and listings in the monthly e-Specials newsletter.  For more information on these programs, visit the Advertising and Marketing section.

Note: All listings are subject to approval by Visit North Carolina, the public-private organization that manages the website on behalf of the N.C. Department of Commerce.

Benefits of the Partner Database

The VisitNC database contains listings for tourism-related businesses, attractions and events. This information is primarily used for the state's:

  • Consumer travel website,
  • and the Official North Carolina Travel Guide

Why it's important to have a county contact

A county contact is responsible for entering information about tourism-related events and services in each of North Carolina's 100 counties. In addition to providing the state a contact who is familiar with the area, this arrangement offers tourism-related businesses a local contact in the area. Quite often the local contacts may not know of an event or attraction in their region, so they stay informed too.

The Visit North Carolina team understands that manpower can be challenging, but wants to emphasize the importance of having up-to-date county information. Visit North Carolina and the N.C. Department of Commerce appreciates your efforts and will be glad to assist you in any way.


Listing forms

The following forms can be distributed and completed by business owners to update information and amenities on their listings. Please note: these forms are Word 97/2003 format.

To improve the quality of your listing, please make sure the correct and most up-to-date information is submitted. Additionally, please review the following helpful tip sheet: Improve VisitNC Search Rankings Database Training.


Prior to the launch of the new VisitNC Partner Control Panel in July 2010, local training sessions were conducted throughout the state. Currently there are no upcoming dates scheduled for additional training sessions, however a series of web-based tutorial videos, or screencasts, are availble to new users that cover the major features of the control panel.

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