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Today, one of the most important strengths of a brand is its social currency. For North Carolina social media is more than a soft ROI, it has tangible results. By fostering relationships we engage members and help spread the authenticity of the brand. A fundamental shift has occurred in how people consume and use media – and how they tell others about what they've found. Search engines are now taking into account what others say about your business or your brand (your social reputation) when returning results. The Division uses social media not as a marketing tool but as a tool to engage visitors and others in "real time." We continue identifying new social media platforms, determining purpose and content approach for each, and aligning with the strengths of the vehicle and what's right for the North Carolina brand.

Social media is also fully integrated into seasonal promotions including the recent 2012 Hunger Games campaign. Custom tips on Foursquare, tabs and apps on Facebook, groups on Flickr, and Twitter streams and hashtags on Twitter are all used. Here are links to Visit North Carolina's social media outlets:

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Social Media Primer

If you're interested in doing social media but don't know where to start, here's a short guide to Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

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