Welcome Centers Brochure Policy

To have a brochure for your tourism-related business or event considered for distribution in North Carolina's Welcome Centers, please review the brochure policy below.

  1. Any NC tourist attraction or tourism-related business is permitted to place its brochures, signs, and posters in any NC Welcome Center only after approval by the Welcome Center Director. The requesting agency is to send one example of the above to:

    Visitor Services Program Manager
    NC Department of Commerce
    4324 Mail Service Center
    Raleigh, NC 27699-4324

    Once approval has been given, a Welcome Center address list will be forwarded to the agency.
  2. All material distributed through Welcome Centers will be provided free of charge to visitors. The distributing organization must include a copy of the approval letter with the literature to be distributed. (The Welcome Centers will not distribute materials that are not accompanied by an approval letter). Printing and delivery charges are the responsibility of the organization providing the literature.
  3. The Welcome Centers will give priority to display and distribute the following types of brochures:
    • State of NC travel publications
    • Accommodations-- hotels, motels, inns, bed and breakfast, ranches, campgrounds, etc. Special rate offers must have an expiration date
    • Attractions-- Tweetsie Railroad, Horn in the West, Carowinds.
    • Special events and festivals-- State Fair, Hang-Gliding Championships, etc.
    • Chamber of Commerce brochures, CVB brochures -- dealing with tourist-related organizations.
    • Regional and area maps that include travel information
    • Traveler Discount Guides
    • State of NC program publications that are travel-related---Clean NC 2000, DOT Wildflower Program, North Carolina Farmers Markets
  4. The Welcome Centers will not display but will distribute any literature as described below:
    • Outlets, Shopping Centers, Stores
    • Private Camps
    • Schools, Universities
    • Craft Shops (unless 95% are NC crafts)
    • Restaurants
    • Relocation publications
    • Retirement publications
    • Brochures for travel-related websites
    • Wedding planning publications
  5. The Welcome Centers will not distribute any literature as described below:
    • Accommodations and vacation rentals that are restricted or require a deposit or several nights stay.
    • Literature which appears to be mainly commercial or non- tourist related.
    • Literature containing religious, political propaganda or inappropriate content.
    • Literature promoting the sale of sponsorships, memberships, and other items/goods such as t-shirts, mugs, tapes, etc.
    • Literature rating travel attractions, events and/or accommodations.
    • Literature advertising non-NC attractions, events, or facilities. We may display accommodation directories. (i.e. Holiday Inn Directory, Red Roof Inn Directory, etc.)
    • Literature promoting the sale of liquor, wine, tobacco, firearms, any form of gambling, beach bingo, etc. We may display brochures for North Carolina wineries, microbreweries and Indian Reservation Gaming. Sales of tickets for the North Carolina Education Lottery shall not disqualify a brochure that would otherwise qualify for inclusion.
    • Literature promoting craft shops with less than 95% of merchandise made in NC.
    • Literature containing advertising that has been sold on the basis it would be displayed or distributed through the centers without permission of the Welcome Center Director. Publications should contact the Welcome Center Director prior to selling advertising and present the content, design, distribution, etc. of the publication.
    • Literature devoted exclusively to the advertisement of real estate.
    • Literature representing a property that has changed names since the brochure was originally printed and approved.
    • Literature containing coupons with a special rate or discount that has no expiration date.
    • Literature promoting a time-share of membership establishment which does not rent to the traveling public or offers a gift or discount in exchange for attendance at a sales presentation.
    • Literature promoting a property which has not yet opened to the public. We will display brochures concerning events that are scheduled for the future.
    • Mail order brochures and/or literature.

NOTE: All brochures should fit into a 9 1/2" x 4 1/4" envelope. Magazines and other publications that are too large for the racks are displayed on tabletops at the discretion of the Welcome Center Manager.

last revised 6/2016

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