Tourism and Community Development

The Tourism Development program provides assistance and support to communities and tourism-related nonprofits to improve tourism product and capacity throughout the state.

The program supports sustainable efforts to protect, preserve and promote the state’s natural, historic and cultural resources by developing strategic partnerships with federal, state and local agencies and working with partners to provide sustainable tourism development education and resources.

A major initiative over the next few years is the 150th Commemoration of the Civil War, helping communities to market and promote Civil War Trails.

This program provides support to the Tri-Regional Heritage Area in eastern NC with technical assistance to North Carolina's Northeast, Eastern Region and Southeast regional partnerships. It also provides support for various trail initiatives, including African-American, music, folk heritage, Homegrown Handmade, and literary.

The program works closely with other agencies, including Community Development's Certified Retirement Community program, Agriculture's agritourism programs and other agencies like Cultural Resources, the Department of Environment and Natural Resources and the Department of Transportation.

Community Development and Grant Resources

NC Green Travel Initiative Website

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