Strategic/Policy Reports

Carolinas' Energy Economy Survey: Findings & Recommendations

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NC in the Next Tech Tsunami: Navigating the Data Economy

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Vision 2030

Mapping the Vision 2:
Final Recommendations

Mapping the Vision 

High-Tech Clusters in North Carolina:

High-Tech Clusters in North Carolina:
Supplementary Data

North Carolina's Regions:
Transitioning to the Knowledge Economy

Summary Proceedings of Regional Focus Group Meetings

Public Perceptions of the Importance of Science and Technology to the North Carolina Economy 

Other Reports (available only in hard copy)

  • Grassroots Science Program for Water Quality Testing (1999)
  • Flounder Aquaculture and Stock Enhancement in North Carolina: Issues, Opportunities, and Recommendations (1998)
  • Educational Technology Policy Survey of the Fifty States (2000)
  • Chief Information Officers of the United States and Its Territories (2000)

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