Nanotechnology Roadmap

In the spring of 2005, the State Advisor for Science and Technology, the Department of Commerce, and the North Carolina Board of Science & Technology formed the Governor’s Task Force on Nanotechnology and North Carolina’s Economy. Composed of twenty-eight members and broadly representing business, academia, and the public sector from across the state, the Task Force’s charge was to: Read the Roadmap
[PDF - 3MB]

Develop a roadmap for an aggressive and coordinated initiative to advance successful nanotechnology-based economic development and high-wage employment across North Carolina.

Two approaches underlie that Roadmap:

  1. Strengthen North Carolina’s core economic development approach to advancing technology-based economic development.
  2. Strengthen the building blocks within that core approach that focus specifically on nanotechnology.
Released in 2006, the Roadmap is a call to action for North Carolina’s political and policy leaders, industry, research institutions, educators, and the public to:

  • Increase our ability to innovate;
  • Increase the levels of collaboration between our companies and R&D centers;
  • Develop a well-educated and trained workforce;
  • Provide a supportive public and political policy environment; and,
  • Diversify our technology cluster portfolio to include nanotechnology.
Efforts to implement the Roadmap's recommendations are ongoing, led and coordinated by the North Carolina Department of Commerce's Office of Science, Technology & Innovation.

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