Federal Labor Standards

Construction work that is financed in whole or in part with Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds must adhere to certain federal labor standards requirements. Section 110 of Title I of the Housing and Community Development Act of 1974, as amended, includes other applicable laws covering Davis-Bacon and Related Acts, the Contract Work Hours and Safety Standards Act, and the Copeland "Anti-Kickback" Act. All construction and maintenance workers (laborers and mechanics) working on projects assisted with U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) funds must be paid the prevailing federal wage rates.


Important Grantee Notice

Grantees with Davis-Bacon applicable projects must report to the State the wage decision(s) used, the pre-construction meeting minutes, the timeline for bidding and contracting, and the Semi-Annual Labor Report.      

As required by 29 CFR 5.7, the Semi-Annual Labor Standards Enforcement Report (SAR) is due every March 31st and September 30th for all CDBG and NSP grantees. Please follow the directions on the memorandum for completing the report. Below are HUD form 4710 and a sample to be used for reporting. 


HUD Form 4710 

Sample Labor Report for March 2013

First Notification February 2013

Second Notification March 2013

Notification September 2014

Labor Reports

March 2011

September 2011

March 2012

September 2012

March 2013


Labor Standards Guide

A supplemental technical assistance guide for grantee compliance with federal labor standards is now available.  

CI Labor Standards Guide 08/2012

Filing a Complaint 

To file a labor complaint, visit HUD’s Office of Labor Relations or Department of Labor website. 

Wage Decisions 


As of the Compliance Workshops conducted in August 2012, Community Investment allows grantees to self-certify wage decisions. Please follow the timelines as described in 29 CFR 1.6 and CI's Labor Standards technical assistance handbook. However, if grantees need technical assistance, please request a wage decision by completing a Wage Request Form and emailing it in PDF format to compliance@nccommerce.com. The response to the request will be emailed back to the requesting entity with additional information. As with all compliance plans, please allow 10-15 days for staff correspondence of response/review. 


Forms for Grantee Use


Additional forms, such as HUD-4230 for Additional Wage Classification Request, are available on HUD’s labor form website


Required Posters for Grantee Use

The posters and notices below are required to be posted conspicuously on the job site.


Posters and are also available at the North Carolina Department of Labor, the Occupational Safety & Health Administration, and Department of Labor Wage and Hour Division websites.




List of Links and Resources (e.g. HUD, DOL) Updated 9/2012 

HUD Contractor’s Guide to Davis-Bacon (1/2012) 

HUD Agency Guide to Davis-Bacon (6/2006)

HUD Office of Labor Relations (OLR) Handbook 1344.1

HUD OLR Labor Relations Letters

HUD OLR Compliance Requirements for Self-Employed Laborers and Mechanics

HUD Memorandum Equipment Purchase and Installation

HUD Memorandum Davis-Bacon Coverage Chart (Chart)

HUD Memorandum Projects of a Similar Character (130) and Clarification (131)  

DOL Wage and Hour Division (WHD) Federal Register Volume 48 Number 84

US General Services Administration (GSA) Online Debarment System

HUD Additional Classification Guidance


Visit our Training and Workshops page for various presentations and workshops opportunities. For grantees needing technical assistance or more information, please email compliance@nccommerce.com.     

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Please note that forms and procedures may be different for Commerce Finance Center Economic Development grantees. Please contact George Sherrill at gsherrill@nccommerce.com.

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