CDBG Environmental Review Process

Every grantee is responsible for completing the environmental review process, which consists of documentation of an Environmental Review Record (ERR) and applicable public notices. To meet grant funding conditions, hardcopies of this documentation is required. Grantees need to follow Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) environmental requirements.

Visit our Training and Workshops page for various presentations and workshops. For grantees needing technical assistance on any of the templates or forms below, it is recommended to submit electronic versions to

At the November 2011 North Carolina Community Development Association (NCCDA) Conference, the Programs and Compliance Section of Office of Community Investment (CI) revealed an updated handbook and templates for the environmental review process.  The handbook describes in detail CI's processes, procedures, and environmental guidance. The new templates are effective for use by January 1, 2012. The new processes are effective for new CDBG grants for the 2011 funding cycle. 


Exempt and Categorically Excluded not subject to 24 CFR 58.5
Categorically Excluded subject to 24 CFR 58.5
Environmental Assessment
Request for Release of Funds and Environmental Certification 06/12
HUD Modified Environmental Assessment

For any Categorically Excluded subject to 58.5 projects, please submit 1 copy, and if capable, 1 CD.  Double-sided printing is encouraged and maps should be in color.  For any ERR that goes to the State Clearinghouse, the following formats are accepted:

  • 3 hardcopies, and 15 CDs (preferred)
  • 17 hardcopies

The Request for Release of Funds and Environmental Certification form was revised and is effective for use  November 1, 2011. As a reminder, faxes and emails of this documentation are accepted for technical assistance purposes only, not to start the State objection period. The original Certification form and associated documentation must be received to commence the State's minimum 15 day objection period. As of September 30, 2010, grantees posting or publishing for Request for Release of Funds are required to show compliance with the Language Access Requirement.


CI Technical Assistance Handbook 11/2011
CI Environmental Review Process Training 11/2011
HUD Assessment Tools for Environmental Compliance 
HUD Documentation Guidance for Categorically Excluded Projects 3/2011
HUD Documentation Guidance for Environmental Assessments 3/2011
HUD Region IV Agency Contact List
State Environmental Clearinghouse

HUD Memorandums and Notices

Tribal Consultation and Section 106 6/2012
Land Acquisition Prior to Environmental Review 2002
Federal Register Volume 68 Number 188 2003
Maintenance and Repair 2006
Disaster Recovery 2006
Exemptions for Disasters and Imminent Threats 2008
Choice Limiting Actions 4/2011
Conditional Contracts 8/2011

Sample Forms

Historic Preservation 4/2011
Historic Preservation Process and Checklist
Delegation of Authority
Floodplain Management Eight-Step Process
Floodplain Management Public Notices
Airport Clear Zone Notification
Notice of Intent to Request Release of Funds (NOI/RROF)
Combined Finding of No Significant Impact and Notice of Intent to Request Release of Funds (FONSI/NOI/RROF)
Comment Period Calculator 11/2011
HUD Sample Phase I Checklist 8/2012
Environmental Self-Monitoring 06/2013

Scattered Site Tiering

Starting with the 2012 program cycle, tiering is allowed and optional for grantees. Grantees can either use HUD templates or the sample templates below. For more information, please visit our training and workshops page or HUD's website

Tiering Guide Draft 2012
Tier 1 Areawide Checklist
Tier 1 Areawide Written Strategy
Tier 2 Site Specific Checklist
NOI/RROF Public Notice  

For more information email  Please note that some processes are slightly different for CDBG Economic Development grantees of the Commerce Finance Center. Please contact George Sherrill at or (919) 715-6559.



HUD Assessment Tools for Environmental Compliance

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