CDBG Compliance Plans and Templates

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For various training opportunities offered by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), visit HUD's Event Management and Registration, OneCPD Resource Exchange, and sign up for multiple listservs available for North Carolina grantees. 

Important Grantee Notice

The Semi-Annual Labor Standards Enforcement Report is due September 30 and March 30th of every year for all grantees. Please follow the directions on the memorandum for completing the report. Below are HUD form 4710 and a sample to be used for reporting.

HUD Form 4710
Sample Labor Report
First Notification
Second Notification

CDBG Environmental Review Process  


The Office of Community Investment (CI) revised the environmental review process and templates for grantees in November 2011. The new templates are effective for use by January 1, 2012 and the new process is effective starting the 2011 grant cycle. Please visit the updated CDBG Environmental Review Process webpage for environmental templates, sample forms, guidance, and technical assistance.


Fair Housing Discrimination

Every grantee needs to conduct activities to combat housing discrimination and affirmatively further fair housing.  Visit the Fair Housing page for templates, guidance, resources. Visit the Analysis of Impediments page for posted grantee AIs.  


Equal Opportunity



    Section 3

    All CDBG Grantees are to submit the required Section 3 Plan, include clauses from 24 CFR Part 135 in all contracts, and report on Section 3 annually using the HUD 60002 Form. Please visit the Section 3 page for templates, guidance, and resources.

    In September 2011, HUD awarded $100,000 to the Statesville and Sanford Housing Authorities to expand job and training opportunities for low-income residents in North Carolina. 

    Limited English Proficiency

      Every grantee needs to certify that it will not discriminate on the basis of national origin. This includes providing meaningful access to programs for those with limited English proficiency. Visit the Limited English Proficiency page for templates, guidance, and resources.

      Labor Standards


      All construction and maintenance workers (laborers and mechanics) working on projects assisted with U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) funds must be paid the federal prevailing wage rates.  Visit the Labor Standards page for templates, guidance, and resources.

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