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Code Title
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16-1  Quarterly Progress Report (Replaces 14-2)
14-2  Quarterly Progress Report (Replaces 13-1)
14-1  Public Hearing Requirement
13-1  Monthly Performance Status Report
12-2  Debarment Certification (Replaces 10-26)
12-1  Uniform Relocation Assistance and Real Property Acquisition Policies Act (URA) General Information Notice Requirement (GIN)
11-8  Reconstruction, Rehabilitation, Relocation, Temporary Relocation, Clearance and Substantial Rehabilitation Clarification (Replaces 10-2, Effective 11/14/2011)
11-6  Procedures for Securing Administrative Services (Replaces 10-15)
11-5  Budget and Program Amendments (Replaces 10-3)
11-4  Electronic Payment System (Replaces 10-29)
11-1  Requisitioning Grant Funds for Exempt and Categorically Excluded Not Subject To Activities
10-27  Purchase & Disposition or Real Property Procurement with CDBG Funds
10-26  Debarment Certification
10-25  Compliance with Title VIII
10-24  Requests for Documents or Information
10-22  Conformity with the Application and Grant Monitoring
10-21  Program Income Accounting Requirements
10-19  Unallowable Costs
10-20  Procedure for Requisitioning CDBG Funds
10-18  Obligation of Recipient with Respect to Certain Third Party Relationships
10-17  Offer of Just Compensation Under Uniform Relocation Act
10-14  Administrative Abuses
10-13  Local CDBG Program Amendments
10-12  Non-Uniform Act Relocation Assistance
10-11  CDBG Housing Regulations and Guidelines
10-10  Procurement
10-9  Note & Deed of Trust
10-8  Conflict of Interest
10-7  Annual Audit
10-6  Supervision of Professional Services
10-5  CDBG Program Record Keeping
10-4  Approval Required for Budget Revisions
10-1  Extension Request
08-1  Legal Remedies Provision
06-4  Revised Language Changes for Administrative CDBG Contracts
06-1  Identity Theft Protection Act
04-3  Clarification of Recapture Provisions
03-3  Race and Ethnicity
02-5  Low-flow Plumbing Fixtures
95-1  Administrative Increases
94-5  Applicability of Federal and State Asbestos Rules and Requirements for the CDBG
94-1  Submission Requirements under Section 104(d) of the Housing Community Development Act of 1974
93-3  Disclosure Requirements under the HUD Reform Act of 1989
91-1  Revision of Davis Bacon Regulations 29 CRF Parts 1 and 5
89-3  Certain IRS Requirements of CDBG Program
89-2  Determining Eligibility of Contractors
88-4  Enforcement of Liquidated Damages under CWHSSA
87-1  Administration of ARC Projects
CPD 11-22-85  Implementation of OMB Circular 128

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