Certificate of Consistency Documents

For any agency that is requesting a Certificate of Consistency, please complete the determination of certification forms. If you are not a Public Housing Authority, such as a non-profit and/or a CoC, you must complete the determination of certification forms for Non-PHA. If you are requesting this information for a grant application, the forms must be completed. On your determination of certification form, please type in the grant name you are making application forms. Complete all forms with required documentation. Please allow 10-15 days for review and processing. Should you have any questions about this, please call 919-571-4900.

• Instructions for Continuum of Care Certificate of Consistency
• Frequently Asked Questions on Certificate of Consistency
• Instructions for Determination of Consistency with State Consolidated Plan
• Determination of Certification
• Determination of Certification for Non-PHAs
Certification Form
• HUD-2991 Form

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