Talent Enhancement Capacity Building Grant Program


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The Talent Enhancement Capacity Building (TECB) grants are part of a collaborative with East Carolina University's Office of Engagement, Innovation and Economic Development. The grants are intended to address the challenge of developing talent in smaller, rural economies in North Carolina.

The goal of TECB grant is to provide for local units of government and non-profits (in partnership with local units of government) the opportunity to build capacity in the following areas: to develop appropriate and competitive CDBG grants, administer CDBG grants, grant writing, grant administration, economic impact analyses, community survey research and design, and feasibility study preparation. A TECB grantee must submit a future application in another CDBG grant category.
The TECB grants will follow all CDBG rules, regulations, and policies. 

2011 Talent Enhancement Capacity Building Grants Recipients


The following local units of government were awarded a Talent Enhancement Capacity Building Grant:

Town of Aberdeen, Town of Aberdeen (Sandhill Community Action Program), Town of Garysburg, Town of Hookerton, City of Kinston, Town of Lewiston-Woodville, Town of Lewiston-Woodville (Roanoke Economic Development, Inc.), Town of Roseboro, Town of Roseboro (Sampson County CDC, Inc.), Town of Snow Hill, City of Washington, Washington County, Town of Winfall, Town of Winfall (Fisher Empowerment Center, Inc.), Town of Yanceyville (DEEDS,Inc.) 

For additional information, please contact: 
Iris C. Payne
Programs and Compliance Section Chief
(919) 571-4900 ext. 249

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