2011-12 CDBG Guidelines and Applications

The following are guidelines and applications for specific grant categories. Please visit the Grant Categories page for more descriptions about the types of grants available in the CDBG program.

2012 Program Guidelines and Applications

The Office of Community Investment (CI) held regional workshops July 10-12 and 17, 2012 announcing the availability of 2012 CDBG Programs. For the PowerPoint presentation, please contact Iris Payne at (919) 571-4900. Please view the flyer for more information.

Infrastructure Guidelines

Scattered Site Housing Guidelines and Application

Small Business Entrepreneurial Assistance Guidelines and Application

NC Catalyst Guidelines and Application

Talent Enhancement Capacity Building Guidelines and Application

The deadline for 2012 NC Catalyst applications has been extended to November 30, 2012.

The deadline for 2012 Talent Enhancement Capacity Building CDBG grants has been extended to February 19, 2013.

2011 Program Guidelines and Applications

In December 2011 new grant programs were announced. For the PowerPoint presentation, please contact Iris Payne at (919) 571-4900. Detailed application guidelines for 2011 are posted below.

Program Announcement

Infrastructure Guidelines

Infrastructure Hook-up Guidelines

Scattered Site Housing Guidelines and Application

Small Business Entrepreneurial Assistance Guidelines

Small Business Entrepreneurial Assistance Application

NC Catalyst Guidelines and Application

Infrastructure 2011 Preliminary Information Form 12/2011

HUD Data for Applicants

HUD Income Limits for 2012

HUD Income Limits for 2011

HUD Estimated Low-Moderate Income Data

HUD Data Dictionary for LMI Summary Data

HUD in North Carolina

Additional Applicant Guidance

Housing Selection Committee Guidance 2/2012

Housing Guidance Memorandum

Income Needs Survey Form and Instructions 2/2012

Income Needs Instructions Memorandum

2012 NC Codes for Buildings, Fire, Mechanics, and Energy Conservation

Suspension of Funding List (SOFL) for non-state entities - updated weekly by the NC Office of State Budget and Management 

2012 NC County Tier Designations

2013 NC County Tier Designations

AccessNC - a statewide tool for economic data

OneCPD Resource Exchange - portal for news, events, resources, webinars, and information for managing all of HUD’s Community Planning & Development programs

For more information, please contact:

Iris C. Payne
Programs and Compliance Section Chief
(919) 571-4900 ext. 249

For Economic Development grant guidelines, please contact:

George Sherrill
(919) 715-6559

Please note that the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development requires CDBG recipients to obtain a DUNS number through Grants.gov.

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