Rural Grants/Programs

The Rural Grants/Programs Section administers the Rural Building Reuse, Infrastructure and Demolition grant programs. These programs provide local governments with funds for critical infrastructure, building improvements, and demolition that will lead to the creation of new, full-time jobs. Please review our program information pages for additional details. 
This Section also manages the State appropriated grants transitioned from the NC Rural Economic Development Center. In November of 2013, nearly 510 active projects were transferred to the NC Department of Commerce.
Click here for applications and forms. 
Below is the contact information for Rural/Grants Programs staff:
Melody Adams, Director, Rural Grants/Programs
Chris Cannady, Information Reporting Manager, Rural Grants/Programs
Hazel Edmond, Program Manager, Building Reuse and Restoration Program
Abby Gac, Financial Administration Specialist, Rural Grants/Programs
Nichole Gross, Data and Compliance Specialist, Rural Grants/Programs

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