NC Commerce

North Carolina Department of Commerce

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N.C. Department of Commerce Performance Metrics Map Viewer and Statewide Summary
The Labor and Economic Analysis Division gathers metrics across the agency’s multi-faceted divisions and presents the county-specific and statewide annual impact of services delivered to North Carolina’s businesses, communities and citizens.

Yadkin River Project Papers

Papers regarding the Yadkin River Project filed to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC)

Tourism, Film and Sports Development Publications
The Department's Division of Tourism, Film and Sports Development publishes an extensive array of material for both consumers and industry professionals. 

Tourism, Film and Sports Development Research
Industry-specific research reports

Workforce Development Reports
Publications covering workforce development topics, such as Workforce Investment Act (WIA) Annual Reports, can be found in this section.

OSBM Investigative Report
Report of investigation conducted by OSBM at the Department’s request of alleged misappropriation of state funds.

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