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Just in time for your Monday mid-morning coffee break, here is a brief review of last week’s local and regional news from the Tar Heel State: The system for designating economically “distressed” counties in North Carolina is in for an overhaul. . . The state’s medical device manufacturers may benefit from a planned tax freeze. . . Charlotte is anticipating huge population growth (but is currently contending with weak growth in small businesses). . . Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery from our neighbors to the north in Virginia.
Veterans and military personnel have a tremendous impact on North Carolina. In an earlier LEAD Feed post, we highlighted how military spending supports 578,000 North Carolina jobs and nearly $34 billion in state personal income.

The U.S. Census Bureau has put together some statistics from the 2009-2013 American Community Survey highlighting the veteran population and its impact on North Carolina and the U.S., which you can find here:
The State Fair has consistently attracted 10 percent of the state's population over the past 25 years even as the state's population has boomed.
  • 20 October 2015
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The North Carolina Career Clusters Guide provides a new tool for the state's youth and adults to use to connect their interests and skills with occupations and with the training needed to enter those occupations.
  • 17 September 2015
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