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A Wall Street Journal article noted that less educated American workers saw the largest weekly pay bumps since the recession began, but is this the case for North Carolina’s less educated workers?

Are counties seeing their resident workers report to work in county more today than in the past?

Different industries have different starting times for work.  This post explores industry and regional differences in work starting times among North Carolina workers.

Different research articles have different conclusions about the rate of automation and its impact on future work. This article explores a new approach developed by ITIF by seeing how it operates in North Carolina.

What are the jobs of future and where will they be?  What are some of the better career options?  LEAD recently released new long term regional projections and the 2017 Star Jobs Lists at both the statewide and regional levels.

Want to try to see into the future?  LEAD recently completed long term regional industry and occupation projections at both the state and local levels. 

Moving from one state to another within the United States has decline over the past 20 years, and this may have implications for the North Carolina economy and population.
In honor of African-American History Month, we wanted to provide the top 5 interesting facts based on current and historical statistics for African-Americans and African-American workers in North Carolina.
North Carolina continues to be an important state for the military and for veterans.  This entry shares some of the most recent North Carolina statistics on veterans from the American Community Survey.
The NC State Institute for Emerging Issues’ annual conference will be held early next week.  This year’s theme is Future Work, and the key question that the forum poses is: “Is technology and demography shift, how can North Carolina prepare today to create enough good jobs for tomorrow?”

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