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North Carolina Ranks #2 in Job Creation Through FDI Projects

The annual Global Location Trends report is produced by IBM-Plant Location International (PLI), the global location strategy and FDI specialist team of IBM Global Business Services. Many view this report as providing the most realistic analysis of global foreign investment decisions and the competitiveness of countries and regions for attracting foreign investment.

According to the 2014 report, the United States remains the world’s top destination country for investment, with China second and India third. Ireland continues to attract investment projects with the highest average value.

North Carolina Highlights:

  • North Carolina ranks 2nd (after Texas) in the U.S. in job creation from foreign investment projects announced in 2014 (9,000)
  • North Carolina also ranks 2nd (after Texas) in the U.S. in job creation from foreign and domestic (out-of-state) investment projects (26,000)
  • North Carolina ranks 2nd (after South Carolina) in the U.S. in job creation (foreign and domestic) per capita


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