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State Economic & Labor Market Information

The following LEAD publications offer a variety of statewide economic indicators and analysis, as well as detailed information about statewide labor market conditions.

North Carolina Annual Economic Report

The North Carolina Annual Economic Report provides a snapshot of North Carolina’s most recent annual labor market data, along with some historical context. This report will help support workforce planning and the process of making policy decisions for workforce development, education, economic development and business engagement.

NC Today

NC Today is a monthly review of labor market conditions in North Carolina with comparative data from the United States as a whole, and from selected Southern states on various aspects of the economy.

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Economic Snapshots

The Economic Snapshot series provides a look into the condition of North Carolina’s economy, based on 14 indicators. Each document covers a stand-alone indicator that uses the most current data available at the time of publication to track North Carolina’s performance in recent years. The Snapshots also compare North Carolina to other states. There are currently four indicators available, with future Snapshots to be added as completed.

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