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Star Jobs*

North Carolina Star Jobs is a new and simplified way to help you identify promising occupations. Star ratings are assigned based on wages, projected growth rate, and projected job openings, and each occupation has a rating of between 1 and 5 stars. Occupations with 5 stars are considered to have much better career prospects than occupations with fewer stars. This year, regional Star Jobs were created for the new 16 Prosperity Zone Sub-Regions using data from the 2014-2024 Sub-State Occupational Projections.

Search Star Jobs

The Star Jobs page allows you to search more than 700 occupations in North Carolina by geography, wage, education, and career cluster. You can also sort data by clicking on the triangle icon on the column header (such as Stars or Title header). Detailed occupational information are available by clicking the green plus sign (“+”) next to the occupational title.

Statewide Brochure*

Prosperity Zone Sub-Region Brochures – Top 10 Star Jobs by Education

*Note: PDF brochures and posters are best viewed with Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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