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Labor and Economic Analysis Division, Department of Commerce

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Workforce, Research & Evaluation

The Workforce, Research & Evaluation team carries out research, analytical, evaluative and reporting work which focuses on the social, educational, and economic conditions of state, regional and local labor markets, as well as the effectiveness of educational and workforce development programs and services. This work helps to support local, regional and statewide workforce, educational and economic development efforts.

The team produces various publications that highlight current labor market conditions and comparative analysis of current and prior time periods as well. Some of these publications include the Workforce Monthly Activity Report, which provides labor market, unemployment insurance, and employment service activity; the Monthly Claims Taking Activity Report, which provides statistics and analysis for the Regular Unemployment Insurance (UI) program; and the Survey of Unemployment Insurance Activities Report, which is a compilation of selected unemployment insurance-related data that are made available as a result of the required federal/state reporting systems. The team also oversees the maintenance of the Common Follow-up System (CFS) and produces the annual CFS Operational Report which highlights system operations and related activities.

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