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Who uses Labor Market Information?


  • occupational wages
  • employment levels
  • availability of workers
  • local and national economic conditions

Job Seekers and Students:

  • jobs/occupations in demand
  • skills required for a job
  • education required for a job
  • training programs available
  • occupational wages
  • projections of growth or decline in an occupation


  • jobs/occupations in demand
  • jobs/occupations in decline
  • location of jobs
  • skills required for a job
  • occupational wages
  • training programs available

Economic Developers:

  • occupational wages by labor market area
  • number of available workers by labor market area
  • skills of available workers
  • types of training workers need

Policy Makers:

  • occupational and industry data for plan development and implementation
  • education and training needs
  • local economic data

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