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Grants Management Documents

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Title Description Document type Year
Pre-Application | North Carolina Downtown Redevelopment Fund This pre-application document supports the process when applying for grant funding from the Downtown Redevelopment Fund Pre-Application, Downtowns (Main Street) 2016
Pre-Application | Rural Ready Sites This is a pre-application document for the Rural ReadySites program.  This grant program aims to prepare industrial sites for economic development opportunities. Pre-Application, Building or Site Preparation 2018
Progress and Final Report Form 03 05 18 Building Renovation (Reuse), Public Infrastructure, Demolition, Reporting Performance, State Funded (Rural Grants) 2018
Reporting Performance | Job Verification & Close Out Instructions, State Rural Grants (April 2017) This report offers guidance regarding the job verification process and final close out procedures for State Rural Grants issued by the Rural Economic Development Division Building Renovation (Reuse), Criteria or Guidelines, Reporting Performance, State Funded (Rural Grants), Building Renovation (Reuse), Demolition, Public Infrastructure 2017
Section3HUD60002 120216 This document is related to the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program in North Carolina. Contact the CDBG team for further information. CDBG, Federal Funded (CDBG ARC), Compliance 2016
W S Contract Building Renovation (Reuse), Public Infrastructure, Demolition, Payment Processing, State Funded (Rural Grants), Criteria or Guidelines 2017