Disaster Recovery | Federal CDBG-DR

Federal funds from the Community Development Block Grant Disaster Recovery program (CDBG-DR) can help your comminity rebuild impacted areas, providing crucial seed money to start the recovery process.  CDBG-DR assistance, funded through U.S. Housing and Urban Development (HUD), may fund a broad range of recovery activities, helping communities and neighborhoods that otherwise might not recover due to limited resources.


HUD appropriated $236,529,000 in Community Development Block Grant funds to the state of North Carolina for recovery from Hurricane Matthew.  The funds were provided in two separate appropriations:

Action Plan & Amendments

Action Plan & Amendments

To access North Carolina's Action Plan and Amendments, click here.

  • Final Action Plan (y en español) - April 21, 2017
  • Final Substantial Amendment 1 (y en español) - November 7, 2017
  • Non-Substantial Amendment 2 (y en español) - April 9, 2018
  • Substantial Amendment 3 (y en español) - January 4, 2019
Federal Registers & CDBG-DR Quarterly Reports

Federal Registers & CDBG-DR Quarterly Reports

Federal Registers

CDBG-DR Quarterly Reports

To access the North Carolina CDBG-DR's Quarterly Progress Reports, click here.

  • NC QPR Quarter 4 - 2017

  • NC QPR Quarter 1 - 2018

  • NC QPR Quarter 2 - 2018

  • NC QPR Quarter 3 - 2018

  • NC QPR Quarter 4 - 2018

Recovery Programs

Recovery Programs

  • Homeowner Recovery Program

  • Small Rental Repair Program

  • Multi-Family Rental Housing

  • Public Housing Restoration Fund

  • Supportive Housing and Services Grant

  • Small Business Recovery Assistance Program

  • Community Recovery Program

To learn more about recovery programs, please read the Final Action plan (above)

Additional Resources

Additional Resources

To access the additional resources listed, click here.

  • DRGR Action Plan

  • Citizens Participation Plan

  • NC-HUD Grant Agreement

  • NC Commerce & NC Emergency Management Subrecipient Agreement

  • NC Commerce & NC Emergency Management Subrecipient Agreement - Amendment Number 1 (NCORR)

  • NC 1040 Income Calculation Method

  • Non Substantial Amendment Revised Projections, Outcomes, Expenditures

  • CDBG-DR Subrecipient Agreement template

  • NC Receipt Requirements for Reimbursements

  • Declaration of Expenses due to Disaster

  • NC Due Diligence & Inactive Status Process

  • NC Duplication of Benefits Certification

  • NC Duplication of Benefits Policy

  • Duplication of Benefits Worksheet

  • NC Proficient Controls

  • NC CDBG-DR Participant Agreement

  • Financial Management Plan

  • CDBG-DR Administrative Guide

NC Small Business Recovery Assistance Program

NC Small Business Recovery Assistance Program

The North Carolina Department of Commerce has awarded $7.5 million to support the recovery of small businesses located in areas impacted by Hurricane Matthew. The recovery funds are being administered by N.C. Commerce’s Rural Economic Development Division and are provided from Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Disaster Recovery funds. Three non-profit, small business lending institutions have been awarded the money to expand access to credit for small businesses within Matthew-affected areas.


For inquiries about this program and referral to a participating lender please use the contact below.  When reaching out, inform the BLNC representative that you are calling about the Small Business Disaster Recovery Assistance Program, and you will be referred to the lender that best fits your needs.

Business Link North Carolina (BLNC)
The Economic Development Partnership of North Carolina
(800) 228-8443


To inquire about this program directly with a participating lender, contact any of the listed representatives below.

Carolina Small Business Development Fund
Leslie Lewis
(919) 803-1437 x 170

Center for Community Self-Help
Jessie Maxwell
(919) 956-4684

North Carolina Community Development Initiative, Inc.
Tara Campbell
(919) 835-6002


Eligible Borrowers
To be an eligible borrower in this program, a business must meet these criteria:
1.    Meet the standards of a small business as defined in Title 13, Code of Federal Regulations, Part 121 (13 CFR part 121).
2.    Require funds to recover from Hurricane Matthew-caused damage, especially flooding.
3.    Have no other source of funds for their unmet needs to meet Matthew recovery costs.
4.    Have their primary place of business located in Matthew-caused flood-affected areas of North Carolina, especially the counties of Robeson, Cumberland, Edgecombe, and Wayne.


Eligible Uses of Funds
1.    Financing for payment of interior and exterior repairs and property improvements.
2.    Financing for furniture, fixtures, and equipment, purchase and installation of equipment.
3.    Using grant or loan financing to pay for working capital or to pay for marketing costs, operating expenses, and inventory.


Additional Resources

To access the Small Business Recovery Assistance Program additional resources, click here.

  • Small Business Recovery Assistance Program Information and Procedures Guide
  • Small Business Recovery Assistance Program Standard Operating Procedures