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What are the needs that North Carolina employers have for recruitment and retention? How does this compare to previous years?

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What are ways to help career explorers and job seekers find if occupations that match their interests and needs?

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What are some holiday retail trends in NC? How do we get LMI for holiday-related info like Christmas Trees and Gift Baskets?

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What are tourism trends in North Carolina? Marlise Taylor from VisitNC provided a great overview of tourism research in NC.

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How should we look at the future of work? How is the work organized? Who does the work? Where is it located?

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How can we use LMI for workforce and economic development scenarios? These cover employment, wages, and more!

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What does the current industry landscape look like in North Carolina, and where do we project future growth?

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What jobs and skills are needed in the future? How can I help jobseekers and students explore their career options?

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How can I get the latest LMI for my workforce development boards? (Through our new regional Labor Market Overviews/Dashboards)

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What are employment projections, and which industries and occupations are growing across the state and sub-state regions?

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Why are geographies important to consider? What is a location quotient? Which different types of geographies exist for LMI data?

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How do we distinguish between industries and occupations? What are staffing patterns, and how can we use them?



Join us on any first or third Tuesday in each month from 11.30 to noon for LMI Tuesday.  Meet LEAD analysts and economists. Get all of your Labor Market Information questions answered. Learn about data, economic conditions, tools/resources, and more in 30 minutes or less.

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