Compliance | Grantee Annual Report Materials for Job Development Investment Grant (JDIG) Recipients

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We publish the documents on this page for people who manage a Job Development Investment Grant (JDIG) for a company that has been awarded this economic development incentive from the State of North Carolina.  Print or refer to these materials, which will help you complete your required Grantee Annual Report (GAR).

Here's the information you'll find in these documents:

  • JDIG-WebinarGAR-Filing-Info.pdf
    The PowerPoint presentation dealing with filing information, as used during our educational seminars for people managing a JDIG grant
  • JDIG-WebinarGAR-Employment-Profile.pdf
    The PowerPoint presentation dealing with employment profile information, as used during our educational seminars for people managing a JDIG grant
  • 2021-GAR-Form_FINAL.pdf
    This is an example of the form you complete and submit in order to file your required JDIG Grantee Annual Report
  • 2021-GAR-Instructions_9-1-21.pdf
    Detailed written guidance for completing your JDIG Grantee Annual Report
  • 2021-GAR-Form_FINAL(v2).xlsx
    This is the form, in Microsoft Excel format, that you will actually use to complete, submit, and officially file your required JDIG Grantee Annual Report.  Contact the JDIG team for the required password
  • 2021-DOR-Check-Requirements.pdf
    Logistical information regarding how you should issue a payment check to the N.C. Department of Revenue
  • Default-Policy.pdf
    Information on how the state treats grantees in default of their grant agreements
  • Acronyms-and-CEDA-Section-Map_2021_asPublished.pdf
    Definitions for common acronyms associated with the JDIG program and a chart to help you navigate your Community Economic Development Agreement (CEDA)
  • JDIG-Disbursement-Process_8-18-21.pdf
    A flow chart showing the process we follow for reviewing your JDIG grant and making grant payments to your company
  • CitrixShareFile-Security-Setting-Commerce-Clients.pdf
    This document outlines the security of the North Carolina Department of Revenue's Citrix Sharefile site. This is the site you'll use to upload the JDIG Grantee Annual Report.
  • JDIG-Asset-Listing-SAMPLE.pdf
    This is an example of the Asset Listing document you may need to include in your GAR filing
  • JDIG-Application-to-add-Remote-Workers-SAMPLE.pdf
    This is an example of the application document you would use to add remote workers to your grant.
  • JDIG-Remote-Workers-Guidelines.pdf
    Guidelines for how we treat remote workers under your JDIG agreement.
  • Remote-Workers-FAQs.pdf
    Answers to the questions we frequently hear about remote workers and JDIG program requirements.
  • JDIG-Helpful-Hints-1-29.pdf
    Our JDIG team has compiled this handy sheet of helpful guidance on completing your GAR paperwork

For further information on accessing and using these files, email the JDIG team in our Commerce Finance Center at this address:

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