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Past annual reports for the North Carolina Job Development Investment Grant Program (JDIG) provide historical information on grants awarded since the beginning of the program; we published these reports pursuant to North Carolina General Statute (G.S.) §143B-437.55(c).

Information presented includes:

  • the number of JDIG applications submitted;
  • a listing of grants awarded and accepted;
  • the results of the Walden cost/benefit analysis (in terms of net state revenue and impact on state gross domestic product);
  • a description of each project awarded a grant in the given report year;
  • the term of each grant;
  • the percentage of withholdings used to determine the amount of each grant;
  • job creation, investment, and average annual wage targets;
  • the state’s maximum annual liability under the grants;
  • amounts disbursed to-date under outstanding grants (to companies and to the Utility Account),;
  • company performance results under the grants, and
  • eligible withholdings received from grantees.
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