Inside the NEW # 3: gets a promotion!

Thursday, April 29, 2021
Jamie Vaughn

Upon launch of the NEW on July 15,2020 we shared that additional site updates would be coming.  In the nine months since, we have been working to develop new features, add information and tools, and enhance the usability and functionality of the site. Now it’s time to show off this work in a big update to 

New features include: 

  • A free log-in feature, powered by our partners at, which allows users to:
    • Save assessment results
    • Save favorite occupations, job searches, education programs, and information
    • Create a profile that stores information such as educational attainment goals, career goals, assessment reflections, and more
  • Two new assessments:
    • Skills Matcher allows users to rate their skill on 40 activities and find occupation that match the selected skill levels.
    • Work Values Sorter has users identify the values that are most important to them and then identifies occupations with the same value importance.
  • What Can I do with my Education identifies occupations that best match a user’s college/university major, certificate, or diploma.
  • Private Training Provider lists the approved private training providers from NCWorks for each occupation. This is in addition to the Find College Programs tool which lists the education programs.

Visit, log-in with your current CFNC credentials or create an account and check the new features out for yourself.  Even if you don’t want to establish an account, will continue to allow all visitors access to all of the site’s content and tools.  Look for additional "inside the NEW NCcareers" blog articles discussing these new features in detail.