Ready… Set … Start your Career Exploration!

Wednesday, July 15, 2020
Jamie Vaughn

As discussed in a LEAD Feed article published in the middle of April, has been under a reimagination process since March 2019. The NEW is now available for public access as of Wednesday, July 15. 

The NEW remains the best place on the internet for career information and is ready to serve all North Carolinians' career exploration needs – from middle school students through experienced career professionals.   

Some of the information you can learn from the NEW includes: 

  • Occupations that match your personal interests; salary needs and lifestyle …
  • Duties and responsibilities for an occupation that interests you…
  • Educational programs and majors that can lead to your desired occupation… 
  • How to prepare to be hired for your dream job…

Data is presented in a visually stimulating and easy to read format that seamlessly integrates multiple tools and workforce partners.  One example of this is the new Occupation Profile page, which is your one-stop shop for helpful information about specific occupations.  On one screen – which can easily be printed or saved as a PDF – you can identify:

  • Wages – lower, middle and higher end wages are available for statewide as well as for 16 regions.
  • Job duties – what a worker typically does in an occupation.
  • Work Environment – does a worker typically work indoors or outdoors, work in teams or alone, or need to wear safety equipment, etc.
  • Education and Training – What education level is typically required for work?  What programs or majors will prepare you for a specific occupation and which NC schools offer the trainings?
  • NCWorks Online Job Postings – You can directly access job postings on with one click to see which employers are hiring.
  • Short videos from CareerOneStop show users what a typical day looks like for workers in their  profession.  
  • Much more…

The NEW, as released, is a fully functional Career Information System, with additional features to be added throughout the year to enhance the wealth of information in the System.  These enhancements include:

  • The ability to create a log in and save assessment results, favorite occupations, and more information in collaboration with
  • Additional information on occupations and college programs.
  • The addition of a college return on investment calculator to help understand the financial costs of higher education and its value.

Look for future LEAD Feed articles that highlight additional features of the NEW NCcareers as they become available.