Youth Ages 14-21

Connecting Young People to Quality Educational and Employment Opportunities

Workforce Investment Act-funded youth programs connect young people with quality secondary and postsecondary educational opportunities and high-growth employment opportunities.  Youth are prepared for these opportunities through a comprehensive year-round package of services that increases their success in school and in the workplace.

By bringing together local workforce training providers, schools, community organizations, businesses and others; our approach ensures coordination of youth funds and services in the community, and creates a youth services network that is closely linked to the labor market.  In addition, out-of-school youth (and those most at risk of dropping out) are an important part of the new workforce “supply pipeline” that businesses need to fill job vacancies in the knowledge-driven economy.

Traditional employment and training activities are combined with youth development activities, such as maintaining positive relationships with responsible adults and peers, exploring opportunities for community service, and developing leadership skills.  These programs offer an appropriate range of services based on the needs of youth as they grow and mature.  Counselors ensure that services are provided in a coordinated and youth-friendly manner. 

Read more to learn about Workforce Investment Act Youth eligibility requirements.

For more information on youth services near you, contact your local Workforce Development Board.

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