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Job Seekers

As a job seeker, you want to have all the tools you need and the experience necessary to stand out to potential employers--and your NCWorks Career Center can provide them.

NCWorks Career Centers

NCWorks Career Centers can help you find and train for jobs, as well as connect you to other resources to help you prepare for interviews and make a good impression on employers. The following services are offered to job seekers, at no charge:

  • Career assessment and guidance
  • Access to training and education programs
  • Learn about job fairs and workshops
  • Information on the job market
  • Assistance with searching for jobs
  • Resume and cover letter preparation
  • Practice interviewing for jobs
  • Free computer and Internet access
  • Help registering with and using NCWorks Online

Career centers also offer special programs to help the following populations find jobs:

NCWorks Online

Job seekers can also register with NCWorks Online to apply for jobs, seek training opportunities, and learn what they need to do to advance their careers. NCWorks Online offers the following advantages to job seekers:

  • Search job postings pulled from thousands of job-search websites.
  • Find training programs in the area.
  • Learn how to transition to another career by studying the skills required in that industry and hearing from people who have already made that transition.
  • Track the status of an application after it’s been submitted to an employer.
  • Import professional information directly from a LinkedIn profile.
  • Study real-time information on the labor market, including wage and labor projections.
  • Share a job post through social media.

How to Apply

Find your NCWorks Career Center and set up an appointment.

Register with NCWorks Online and start searching for jobs today!

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