Rapid Response Services

The Department of Commerce’s Rapid Response Team initiates contact with an employer as soon as it receives a notice of any substantial layoff or plant closure as required by the Worker Adjustment Retraining Notification (WARN) Act.

Rapid Response services are provided to workers and employers regardless of the reason for dislocation, including Trade Adjustment Assistance; downsizing/restructuring; federal action impacting defense, timber or fishing industries; natural disasters; plant relocations; or bankruptcy.

Rapid Response Services include:

  • Establishing contact with the employer within a short period of time (preferably 48 hours or less) after notice/information received, to provide information on and access to all available public programs and services.
  • Providing core services to dislocated workers including all services under the Dislocated Workers Program
  • Developing a plan to access funds and services for worker assistance (as eligibility permits), including Trade Adjustment Assistance entitlements (if workers are trade-certified), Pell grants and Workforce Investment Act funds to initiate/supplement or to provide necessary services for eligible dislocated workers.


For more information about the Rapid Response program, contact the Division of Workforce Solutions at (800) 562-6333 or (919) 329-5230, or write:

N.C. Department of Commerce
Division of Workforce Solutions
Attn: Rapid Response Team
4316 Mail Service Center
Raleigh, N.C. 27699-4316

The Rapid Response team is also available to offer preemptive services and can pull partner agencies together to help you develop a plan of action to avert layoffs.

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