Rapid Response

Authorized under the Workforce Investment Act, Rapid Response is an early intervention initiative that provides transitional services for workers affected by layoffs or closures within the state, regardless of the reasons.

The response is a collaborative effort involving representatives of many organizations including local workforce development boards, local workforce offices and career centers, N.C. Community Colleges, economic development and social services.

Led by the N.C. Department of Commerce’s Division of Workforce Solutions and local workforce development professionals, a rapid response team meets with companies on short notice and in confidentiality to assess potential layoffs and closings, and to work together to plan the most appropriate response.

The team can advise your company on strategies to:

  • Ensure maximum goodwill in a difficult situation
  • Reduce worker absenteeism to achieve completion of production
  • Share experiences from handling previous closures and layoff events
  • Develop and customize a transitional plan of action best suited to your workforce
  • Provide convenient on-site services to ease worker transition
  • Offer specialized assistance such as job fairs, financial planning workshops and interest/aptitude assessments or other specialized services.
Strategies to Avoid a Layoff

The Toolkit
 for job seekers, dislocated workers, and those pursuing a career change includes:

  • Initial tools that can help you build bridges to organizations;
  • Internet sites that provide valuable information and/or services to workers who have separated from employment;
  • Tools to assist you in your job search efforts.

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