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Federal Bonding

Employers considering hiring “at risk” workers are encouraged to take advantage of a federal program designed to protect them against employee theft or dishonesty.

How It Works

Federal Bonding provides individual fidelity bonds to employers for hiring “at risk” job applicants, who traditionally have had difficulty finding meaningful employment. Employers receive financial protection of $5,000 for six months after taking on a qualifying worker.

The following populations are considered at risk and qualify for Federal Bonding. Other groups may qualify, depending on the situation:

  • Former offenders
  • Recovering substance abusers
  • Individuals with poor credit or who have declared bankruptcy
  • Individuals with a dishonorable discharge from the military
  • Individuals lacking a work history
  • Individuals who come from families with low income

For More Information

Employers can contact their local NCWorks Career Center for information on how they can participate in the Federal Bonding program.

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