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Due to the large interest in our conference, we are no longer accepting conference reservations from non-business applicants. If you are an employer interested in attending the conference, please call 919-814-0303.

NC Apprenticeship Conference

North Carolina’s businesses are leading 21st-century strategies in apprenticeships—and in October, you can learn how they’re doing it.

Learn, Network, Grow

On October 4-5, NCWorks Apprenticeship will host a statewide conference titled, “Learn and Earn: New Strategies for the 21st-Century.”

As an employer, you can network with other businesses and learn about the benefits of apprenticeship programs. You can also learn more on innovative strategies used by our state’s employers to train their workers and how these apprenticeships are evolving in today’s global economy.

Learn more about the speakers and work sessions.

The event will be held at the Sheraton Four Seasons in Greensboro.

Reserve Your Seat

Registration is open through September 28; after that date, only businesses will be able to reserve their spot. If you would like to support the conference, then please call 919-814-0400 for more information.

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