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Enhanced Outreach and Employment Services for Ex-Service Members

The N.C. Division of Workforce Solutions received a two year federal grant to develop collaborative strategies to support improved outreach to veterans receiving unemployment benefits under the Unemployment Compensation for Ex-Military Members program, referred to as UCX. The initiative specifically targets Army veterans receiving unemployment benefits and is a pilot program offered in four states. This initiative includes veterans from the Active Army as well as those who meet veteran criteria from the Army Reserves and the North Carolina National Guard.

The project’s main goal is to reduce the claim duration for Army veterans who are receiving unemployment benefits by providing re-employment services, job referrals, and job development contacts commensurate with the veterans’ skills, experience and interests in order to obtain suitable employment. North Carolina’s outreach efforts began March 2013. UCX gives North Carolina an opportunity to “serve those who served for us.” For more information, contact an NCWorks Career Center or Wesley Alston at

Career Readiness Certification

Supported by the NCWorks Commission, the Career Readiness Certificate (CRC) initiative promotes individual career development and skills attainment and confirms to an employer that an individual possesses the basic workplace skills of reading, applied math and information locating. More information can be found at the Career Readiness Certification website. For more information, contact Barbara Boyce at

NCWorks Incumbent Worker Training Grants

NCWorks Incumbent Worker Training Grants broaden the scope of the state's existing incumbent worker initiative. The program provides funding to established North Carolina businesses to provide educational and occupational skills training for current workers. For more information, contact your local Workforce Development Board.

American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) Projects

Sector Partnership Training Grant (SESP) Makes a Big Finish

In January of 2010, the N.C. Division of Workforce Solutions embarked on a unique challenge. Their mission was to turn “green into gold.”

The State Energy Sector Partnership Training Grant (SESP) was awarded $5.9 million dollars in American Recovery and Reinvestment Act funds from the U.S. Department of Labor Employment and Training Administration. Through the SESP grant, more than 1,700 participants were trained for success in our state’s fast growing green industries in the emerging energy efficiency and renewable energy fields. Participants received an industry recognized certification, and 925 participants became gainfully employed as a direct result of the SESP grant.

Four regional teams, representing six Workforce Development Boards and 38 rural counties, participated in this sector initiative. Lumber River Workforce Development Board, Region Q Workforce Development Board, Northeastern Workforce Board, High Country Workforce Development Board, Region C Workforce Board and Western Piedmont Workforce Board participated in the three-year initiative. The teams represented training and certification in the areas of weatherization, solar voltaic installation, sustainable agriculture or green construction and deconstruction.

The video highlights only a portion of the impact the SESP grant had in North Carolina. Twelve SESP participants share their stories about the SESP grant’s significance in their lives, their families, and their communities.

Click here to for the qualitative and quantitative evaluation report by Thomas P. Miller and Associates, which reviews the performance, outcomes, and impacts of each of the regional teams.

For more information about the SESP grant, contact Janice Ivey at

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