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Students looking for an alternative to a four-year college degree should consider apprenticeship training. As opposed to spending significant financial resources preparing for a career, students in an apprenticeship program are paid a progressively increasing wage as they learn the occupation.

How It Works

To prepare for an apprenticeship program, students should work with teachers or counselors to plan the course work needed to obtain basic skills such as math, reading comprehension, and science. Those skills are necessary to compete in an occupation through this program. Most apprenticeship programs require apprentices to have a high school diploma or GED certificate. Specific qualifications vary by occupation.

Students who are interested in the apprenticeship program should consider the following things:

  • Remember that an apprenticeship can be as important to your career as a four-year college degree.
  • Study many occupations before choosing your profession
  • Plan your course work to support your professional interests.
  • Discuss your interests and abilities with school or vocational counselors.
  • Talk to parents/guardians, relatives, friends, counselors, teachers, or people you know who work in the occupation about apprenticeship opportunities.
  • Search for part-time or summer jobs to test your occupational interests.

How to Apply

Students are encouraged to contact their high school or technical college counselor, an employer, employer’s organization, or local union.

They can also call the bureau at 919-814-0303, or e-mail

More Information

The bureau offers both apprenticeship and pre-apprenticeship programs for youth and adults.

The FAQ page has answers to general questions about the apprenticeship program.

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