Business Solutions

Whether your business is running a restaurant, assembling computers or performing clinical drug trials, a motivated and capable workforce is essential to your success. North Carolina’s productive, knowledge-driven workforce provides companies an edge in today’s global economy.

We can link you to resources and information to help you find, train and retain qualified employees.

NCWorks Online can help your business connect with talented job seekers. For help with NCWorks, watch this helpful how-to video.

Services are offered at local workforce offices across the state. Employers can take advantage of many free programs and services to: 

  • Recruit qualified, job-ready employees
  • Help provide on-the-job training
  • Negotiate customized training programs tailored to your needs

Local workforce offices provide services including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Computer and internet access
  • Information on local labor market, prevailing wages, tax credits, etc.
  • Listing of job openings
  • Job applicant screening and qualified candidate referrals
  • Space for applicant interviews
  • Reference library
  • Employee training resources
  • Layoff/closure prevention services for employers and transitional services for employees
  • Arrangement for Job Fairs
  • Employer workshops on a variety of topics, and more!

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