Economic Impact of Tourism In North Carolina and Visitor Spending Estimates

Calculating the economic impact of visitors to North Carolina, the state's wine and grape industry and other travel industry sectors helps policy makers make strategic decisions about the long term health of tourism, assess capital investment and gauge the amount of government support.

Visit North Carolina, the public-private organization that leads tourism marketing efforts for the state, evaluates the economic impact of travel and tourism at two different levels:

  1. The first level, narrow in scope, calculates the impact based on visitor expenditures using the Travel Economic Impact Model (TEIM).
  2. The second level, broad in scope, uses an official international standard that considers the contribution travel and tourism make to overall income, employment, gross state product, government tax revenues and other measures, using the Tourism Satellite Account (TSA).

Visit the following links for the details and results of these two studies:

The North Carolina wine industry has experienced substantial growth in the number of wineries and increased demand of North Carolina wine, contributing greatly to the economic strength of the state.  Visit North Carolina tracks the impact of the wine and grape industry to the economy through regular research.


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