Annual Report

The Annual Report contains details on the Division's program of work and accomplishments, which is required by statute and is due each year on Oct. 15. Collaboration and wisely leveraging resources generated positive results again for North Carolina's tourism economy. In 2012, visitors to North Carolina spent a record $19.4 billion in the state, an increase of 5 percent from 2011. Domestic visitor spending directly supported 193,610 jobs for North Carolina residents and the tourism industry directly contributed $4.39 billion to the state’s payroll in 2012. Traveler spending generated $2.9 billion in tax receipts ($1.4 billion in federal taxes, $970 million in state tax revenue and $579 million in local tax revenue), and North Carolina ranked as the nation's sixth most-visited state for overnight travel.

Among Many 2012 Highlights

Total domestic travel employment increased 1.8 percent
Better than the 1.0 percent of total nonfarm job growth and the 1.3 percent of total private job growth in North Carolina.

On average, visitors in North Carolina spent $53 million
And contributed $4.2 million in state and local taxes every day. As a result, the tax burden for all North Carolina households was reduced by $423.

Consumer interest in reaches new high
The family of websites attracted 4.47 million user sessions and provided more than 1.2 million downstream referrals to North Carolina industry partner websites.

Tax incentive sparks blockbuster year for NC Film
The Film Office continued to leverage the state’s 25 percent tax credit for film, television and commercial production in its marketing to produce record results. Collaborative efforts with partners statewide led to more than $376 million in direct spending and nearly 20,000 jobs created, including 4,100 well-paying crew positions for the state’s highly skilled work force.

Please review the entire Annual Report available at for more details on the Division's 2012 program of work and accomplishments. The Division remains committed to its collaboration with partners statewide to ensure North Carolina's continued growth and success as a preferred travel, film and sports destination and positive economic force for the entire state.

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