Energy R&D Cost-Sharing Program


This Program is designed to help North Carolina research institutions win Federally funded Energy R&D projects that require cost-sharing, expand the volume and range of Energy R&D in North Carolina, and generate intellectual property that can lead to energy-related jobs in the long term. Research organizations compete for funding by submitting proposals in response to solicitations issued for the DOE Programs.

Eligible Applicants:

This Program is open to any university or other I.R.S. Section 501(c)(3) non-profit organization chartered in North Carolina that intends to apply for U.S. Department of Energy (“DOE”) R&D funds under DOE programs that have a statutory requirement for cost-sharing.

Current Solicitation:

Currently, the Energy R&D Cost-Shariing Program has fully awarded all available funds. No further funds have been allocated toward the program, and no further solicitations are anticipated during this fiscal year. Additional Solicitations may be available in future years, and previous Solicitations are available below. 

Previous Solicitations:

Energy R&D Cost-Sharing Program Solicitation - FY 2012
Energy R&D Cost-Sharing Program Solicitation - FY 2011

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