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Looking to kick start your career or explore new options? Occupational Profiles are the source for up-to-date information on hundreds of occupations in North Carolina and provide career planners and changers with two-page summaries of specific occupations. Plain language descriptions of each career’s duties and work environment add to the usefulness of this resource.

Each profile contains information that answers these questions:

  • What does a worker in this occupation do, and what’s the work environment like?
  • Are my interests similar to those in this occupation, and what other careers might match my interests, abilities, and work values?
  • What are the most important types of knowledge, skills, and abilities to have in this field?
  • How much education does the occupation require?
  • What is the salary for this job, and what kind of job growth is expected in North Carolina?
  • Where can I find jobs?
  • How can I find out more about this occupation?

Explore Occupational Profiles by the major occupational groups below.

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