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Western Region

Western Region
Western Region

Every year, the N.C. Department of Commerce studies national, statewide, and local economic trends to produce long-term and short-term industry projections for state and substate areas. Based on historical data, these projections provide a guide for how the state industry landscape may develop given the current economic trends. The following projections for the Western Region have been developed using regional industry trends. The current projections cover the years 2012 to 2022 for approximately 400 industries.

The Western Region is estimated to gain nearly 40,000 positions by 2022. The region is also projected to have the fastest annualized growth rate, 1.4 percent, of any region from 2012 to 2022. Like many areas of the state, much of the growth is projected to come from the Education and Health Services sector (estimated to be 36%). Professional and Business Services, along with Leisure and Hospitality Services, are adding to the region as well. Each of these industries are projected to add 6,000 jobs each. The Construction industry is estimated to have the fastest growth, due to 3,000 new projected Specialty Trade Contractor jobs by 2022. These jobs are estimated to grow at a 3.9 percent annualized rate. The Top 25 lists of growing and declining detailed industries are available for viewing and download below.

Western Region Data Files

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